Stop By These Great Places To Eat When You’re Visiting Hickory NC

Stop By These Great Places To Eat When You’re Visiting Hickory NC

It’s a wonderful thing when you know where to eat when you are in a city you don’t know well. You find that place that is so welcoming, and you feel like leaving on online review right away. The food is delicious, the ambiance very nice and the whole experience adds to your vacation. While you can surely find a great restaurant in Hickory NC, I want to help save you the time and make sure that you get the experience described above.

We’re going to start with a great restaurant where you and your family can enjoy breakfast. Crosswinds Cafe is the place, and it is located at 3101 9th Avenue NW, and everything is made from scratch there. If you get there too late for breakfast, don’t worry because you can enjoy great lunches there as well. As a matter of fact, it’s a great place for ordering up sandwiches, salads and all kinds of simple yet delicious eats. Then there is what the reviews say is a burger with chili, which is a menu favorite.

Amos Howards Restaurant is the next great spot to grab a bite, and it is located at 2828 US Highway 70 SW. Eat a bacon burger, wings and all kinds of wonderful eats. Reviews say that there is a wing night, and it is also mentioned that you can expect large portions when you visit this restaurant. While the restaurant is called Amos Howards Restaurant, it is also referred to as Old Hickory Brewery by some of the people. The Dagwood Burger is the one that is said to be loaded with bacon, and then there is the Bayou Burger. You will discover a full menu of great foods.

Now it’s time to find the best Mexican restaurant in Hickory NC. El Sarape Mexican Restaurant is located at 3180 South NC Highway 127. This place has it all, and it makes me hungry for enchiladas, fajitas, chips and salsa and more. Are you ready for some Mexican cuisine?

The 3 restaurants described here are wonderful places to visit with your family. Hickory NC restaurants are something else, aren’t they? It’s a little difficult to pick one when you are presented with so many great choices, isn’t it? You will have to just try them all, one at a time. The first place mentioned in Hickory NC is a good breakfast spot, so why not start there?

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